DarkSide-20k is an ongoing project, carried out by Global Argon Dark Matter Collaboration (GADMC), to build the most sensitive experiment devoted to Dark Matter (DM) search. Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) is the favored candidate for DM. DS-20k will detect WIMPs by observing the recoil of argon nuclei when the fast-moving WIMPs collide with them. This endeavor requires a large mass (20t active volume + 700t VETO) of Liquid Argon (LAr), very sensitive photosensors (SiPMs) and ultra-low background environment. DS-20k is a two-phase LAr detector, currently under construction at LNGS; it will push the sensitivity for WIMP detection several orders of magnitude beyond current levels (down to 1.2.10-47 cm2 for WIMPs of 1 TeV/c2 mass with a LAr exposure of 100 t yr).

Local activities:

Salerno team is part of the Photoelectronics group, with the following responsabilities: test and build SiPMs motherboards in collaboration with Bologna INFN and University; design of the “construction DB” (together with Bologna, CNAF and Centro Fermi); outreach activities (mostly Masterclass and social events) and DS-20k documentation web page.

Main equipment:

computer e software, laboratorio di elettronica.

The local group:

D. De Gruttola, S. De Pasquale, N. Funicello, C. Ripoli

Local P.I.:

D. De Gruttola, degruttola@sa.infn.it