Future Energy Efficient eLectronics - The goal of this project is to develop new ideas for advancing the capabilities of superconducting digital logic beyond current state of the art. More specifically, the integration of nanowire logic memories and reversible computing Josephson logic will be explored. The aim is to provide a solid applied physical background on which base the development of future high-end computing systems. 

The groups involved are the INFN section of Roma 2. for the design and testing of reversible computing Josephson logic circuits, the INFN section of Catania for the theoretical investigation of reversible computing, and the section of Naples and GC of Salerno, together with CNR-SPIN Pozzuoli, for the development of nanowire memories.

Local activities:

The Activity of GC Salerno is focused on the development of the magnetic material and its integration in the nanowires, which are designed and fabricated at CNR-SPIN Naples with the help of the group at INFN Naples section

Main equipment:

sputtering and e-beam deposition systems, photo and e-beam lithography, low temperature cryostats, high frequency readout.

The local group:

C. Attanasio, C. Barone, F. Bobba, G. Carapella, A. Leo, N. Martucciello, A. Nigro, S. Pagano 

Local P.I.:

S. Pagano, spagano@unisa.it