ASTRACT (Analysis of STRain Affected CharacTeristics of brittle SC cables) is a project that involves: the INFN LASA and Salerno Group; the Genoa CNR-SPIN and the UNIGE Department of Chemistry. It aims to study the critical current degradation related to the strain of multifilamentary strands. Specific attention will be paid to the transverse strain as it’s considered one of the issues of Nb3Sn accelerator magnets. The objective is to apply measurements of critical current transport and magnetization curve, in tandem with metallurgical analysis (SEM and DSC), to strand samples with different degrees of imposed strain: before the heat treatment and after the heat treatment.

Local activities:

We take care of measurements of magnetic moment vs applied magnetic field and FEM simulations.

Main equipment

Vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM), Comsol s/w for simulation and design, etc.

INFN Salerno group:

D. D’Agostino, U. Gambardella, G. Iannone, G. Avallone

Local P.I.:

G. Iannone, iannone AT