THOR - Test in HORizontal

THOR (Test in HORizontal) is the magnetic test stand installation for performing the site acceptance test (SAT) of the quadrupole modules before installing them into the SIS100 synchrotron. This special program is carried on behalf of GSI/FAIR (Darmstadt), according to signed MoUs GSI/INFN and GSI/University, within the Laboratory for Power Superconductivity set at the University of Salerno campus. Activity was set in 2017 with the adaptation work still in progress. The test phase is actually scheduled 2020-24.

Local activities:

all the above activity is carried out in the Power Superconductivity Laboratory set in the Salerno University Campus.

Main equipment:

cryogenic refrigerator for 4.5K supercritical He, 20 kA 2 quadrants Power Converter, 5 kA power converter, UHV pumping systems, cryostats, Network Vectorial Analyzer, He leak detectors, RGA analyzers, PXI Data Acquisition, etc.

The local group:

C. Buonora, D. D’Agostino, A. Ferrentino, U. Gambardella, E. Leo, A. Saggese, C. Severino, F Severino

Local P.I.:

A. Chiuchiolo,