The QUAX (QUaerere AXion) proposal is devoted to search for galactic axions through magnetized media with mass in the 200 meV range, assuming that they make a dominant component of dark matter. From the analyses of the interaction of the cosmological axion with the spin of fermions (electrons or nucleons) an effective oscillating rf field can be detected by a magnetized sample with Larmor resonance frequency tuned to the axion mass by means of an external polarizing static magnetic field.

The experiment is carried out at INFN-LNL by a collaboration made of INFN-LNF, Padova section, Napoli section, and TIFPA

Local activities:

we take care of design and procurement of the superconducting magnets, design and realization of magnetic correctors, design of magnetic shieldings, support in the criomagnetic measurements and installation.

Main equipment:

winding machine for small superconducting solenoids, Comsol s/w for magnetic design, etc.

The local group:

D. D’Agostino, U. Gambardella, G. Iannone

Local P.I.:

D. D'Agostino, ddagostino@sa.infn.it