Einstein Telescope

The ET (Einstein Telescope)  scientific collaboration started in 2018 with the aim of realizing a third generation Gravitational Wave observatory in Europe. The next step of the collaboration will be the submission of the ET proposal to the 2020 update of the ESFRI roadmap.

Local activities:

the ET USannio-UniSA research group mainly works on the modelling, realization and characterization of nanolayered coatings optimized  for cryogenic mirrors of interferometric gravitational wave  detectors.

Main equipment:

optical coating deposition facility (custom version of Optotech OAC-75F), room temperature AFM/AFS, cryogenic UHV AFM/STM, X-ray diffractometer, photolithography station, FE-SEM, EBL, TEM

The local group:

G. Avallone, F. Bobba, G. Carapella, F. Chiadini, R. De Simone, R. Fittipaldi, V. Fiumara, V. Granata, G. Iannone, V.Pierro, I. M. Pinto.

Local P.I.:

Veronica Granata ,