KM3NeT is building a network of neutrino telescopes in the Mediterranean sea. Once completed, the telescopes will have detector volumes between megaton and several cubic kilometres of clear sea water. With the ARCA telescope, KM3NeT scientists will search for neutrinos from distant astrophysical sources such as supernovae, gamma ray bursts or colliding stars. The ORCA telescope is the instrument for KM3NeT scientists studying neutrino properties exploiting neutrinos generated in the Earth's atmosphere.

Local activities:

The Salerno unit of KM3NeT has full responsibility for developing and maintaining:

  • The central database, involved in Collaboration management, procurement, integration, testing, data taking and book-keeping
  • The Control Unit of the data acquisition chain, used in all shore stations and test/qualification benches

The Salerno unit is also active in the simulation of cosmic ray showers and machine learning techniques for neutrino interaction study.

Main equipment:

The activity of the Salerno unit is mostly within software development. The group has a small computing centre (about 100 cores), twelve GPUs for heavy computing and about 20 TB storage including tape backup. An industrial 3D printer can be used to produce prototypes for mechanical parts

The local group:

Giuseppe Grella, Cristiano Bozza, Simona Maria Stellacci, Bernardino Spisso 

Local P.I.:

Cristiano Bozza -