DARTWARS is a quantum technologies project with the aim to boost the sensitivity of experiments based on low-noise superconducting detectors, through the development of wideband, quantum limited, superconducting amplifiers. The project covers the years 2021-2023 and involves, as INFN partners: Lecce, LNF, Milano-Bicocca, Salerno and TIPFA and, as external partners, FBK-Trento and INRIM-Torino.

Lines of activities:

Modeling of the dynamics of Traveling Wave Josephson Parametric Amplifiers Experimental testing at 300 mK of superconductive microwave devices.

Main equipment

GPU powered workstations to perform computer intensive numerial simulations. 300 mK insert, microwave sources, spectrum analyzer, low noise microwave amplifier, low noise dc characterization of Josephson junctions, wedge and ball bonder.

INFN Salerno group:

Carlo Barone, Giovanni Carapella, Giovanni Filatrella, Veronica Granata, Claudio Guarcello, Costantino Mauro, Sergio Pagano, Vincenzo Pierro.

Local P.I.:

Sergio Pagano, WP1 leader, sergio.pagano@sa.infn.it