The Qub-IT project aims to develop quantum sensing with superconducting qubits, with the realization of an itinerant single-photon counter that surpasses present devices in terms of efficiency and low dark-count rates by exploiting repeated QND measurements of a single photon and entanglement in multiple qubits. . The project covers the years 2022-2024 and involves, as INFN partners: LNF, Ferrara, Firenze, Milano, Milano-Bicocca, Pisa, Salerno, TIPFA and, as external partners, FBK-Trento and CNR-IFN. 

Lines of activities:

Modeling of the Josephson parametric amplifiers and optimization of the operational parameters Experimental test of superconducting circuit components to calibrate the fabrication process

Main equipment

GPU powered workstations to perform computer intensive numerical simulations. 300 mK insert, microwave sources, spectrum analyzer, low noise microwave amplifier chain, wedge and ball bonder.

INFN Salerno group:

Carlo Barone, Giovanni Carapella, Giovanni Filatrella, Claudio Guarcello, Sergio Pagano.

Local P.I.:

Sergio Pagano - sergio.pagano@sa.infn.it